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My Shopify Store  blisswave  is not working at all with the url, I have checked the A IP address and CNAME to ensure that is set correctly but still I can view am store by inserting the url

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Hello @fairer 


I'm Gasper from HAPO Apps Team


If your Shopify store is not accessible through the URL "" even after verifying the A record and CNAME settings, there could be a few possible reasons for this issue:


- DNS Propagation: DNS changes may take some time to propagate fully across the internet. It's possible that the changes you made to the A record and CNAME settings haven't propagated to all DNS servers yet. This process can take up to 24-48 hours in some cases.

- Incorrect DNS Configuration: Double-check the A record and CNAME settings in your domain registrar's control panel to ensure they are configured correctly. Make sure that the A record points to the correct IP address provided by Shopify and that the CNAME record points to your Shopify store's URL.

- Shopify Configuration: Ensure that your Shopify store is configured to use the correct domain name (""). Check the "Online Store > Domains" section in your Shopify admin to confirm that the domain is properly connected to your store.

- Browser Cache: Clear your browser's cache and cookies or try accessing the store using a different web browser or device. Sometimes, cached DNS information or browser data can cause issues with accessing websites.

- Domain Propagation Delay: Occasionally, domain propagation delays can occur due to various factors. If the issue persists beyond the typical propagation time frame, consider reaching out to your domain registrar's support for assistance.


If you've verified all these steps and the issue still persists, it might be helpful to contact Shopify Support for further assistance. They can help troubleshoot and resolve any issues related to accessing your store through the domain name.

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