Shopify Store - Operating as a DAM (Digital Asset Management) System

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I was looking for feedback on the possibility of having a store built on Shopify also operate as a DAM. The long story is that we want to host a store that sells online while also offering a part of the store (or a back end) which hosts and shares images, videos & documentation for each product and is essentially a customer portal. Each product would need to be inside a folder structure for categories & collections and would be traversed like a regular file system or DAM. 


I've looked at apps for this and immediately got one but it seems to be more for selling additional digital items rather than providing a document sharing area. Another app was locksmith which would prevent access for all users but allow for specific. Good but then there's a lot missing including folder structures.


We've recently looked at which is fairly ideal for requirements, it was more to keep the structure clean (and cheaper). 


Any feedback or recommendations would be appreciated.

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