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Shopify store suspended for no reason, Shopify refuses to comply with the law

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After using Shopify for 4 years, Shopify suspended our account for no reason at all, all I've done is updating our credit card information since Shopify emailed us to so do.


Of course we opened a ticket, wrote many emails, had daily calls with their (useless) support, they refuses to answer to any question, only that they are sorry about the situation.


We are not even trying to get our account back, all we want is to get what is rightfully ours, our 4 years of hard work.

- This is what we need:


- To transfer our domain names to a new registrar.


- a backup of our website content (since they are our property).


- Sales analytics to be able to file our taxes before 31 December, 31 December is the tax office deadline.


Although Shopify is obligated by law to hand over those information, Shopify refuses to comply.


Would you please send us what we are asking for?



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Wow, it's terrible how they do that to business owners. I saw your thread posted since December 2021, did they provide you what you need for tax and everything else?

I should have listened to others when they say Shopify support is terrible. I've seen so many red flags since their support team is almost unable to reach.

I just opened a brand new website. I put so much time, money, and effort into it. Then they decided to suspend my shop as well. No explanation email, nothing. Your situation must have been worse since you put in 4 years of hard work and they even refused to give you your own information.

I tried to contact them regarding my case but all I received are just a bunch of auto-generated emails with copy & paste answers. There were no chat or phone support options available as they said in the community posts. It took forever for them to respond and they just never give me a clear explanation of why they suspended my shop. They don't care that I have orders I need to fulfill. I don't want my customers to think that I'm trying to scam them when the website they ordered from just disappeared out of the blue.