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Shopify Subscription

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I logged into Shopify on the web and subscribed to a Basic plan for $1 for 3 Months.

I was navigating through it for a while and decided to open the app instead.


It is now trying to have me subscribe again, but now its $1 for 1 Month. 

What the heck..


I used the same store email and password and have no idea whats going on at this point. I know its only a dollar, but I would really enjoy the 3 Month subscription trial instead of 1 Month. 


Anyone else had a similar issue? 

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Hi @AceAntics !


If you had the $1 for 3 months offer and already subscribed to it and, this $1 for 1 month appeared, this is most likely an account issue. I highly suggest that you reach out to Shopify support team so they can further check your account and give you further details regarding this.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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