Shopify Support SUCKS

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$299/mo and they charge your card without notification, in the middle of the night, no receipt. 

Support is basically non-existent. 

No wonder people are leaving Shopify and it's stock is tanking. 

Goofball CEO 

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I totally agree. Shopify Support is terrible.


Shopify discount codes suck.


I am so embarrased that I encouraged my client to choose pathetic shopify for his online store.


Shopify is an inferior product.

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True. Tried to get support for Amazon pay not working (works fine on Amazon end) 1 month later still not working. Tried to get refund for months not used (paid 12, used 2) Shopify wont refund. Total scam and fraud.

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Absolutely agreed. If anyone is reading this and hasn't started a store with shopify yet. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS TERRIBLE PLATFORM. They will ban and delete your hard work in a matter of seconds with no explantion given at all. It can be the most minor mistake and they will punish you the worst way possible. Other platforms are much better with their customer support.


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We have to agree with this and it seems to only be getting worse. Half the time they don't even pay attention to what you're asking, understand what you're asking, cause they don't speak good English, and the other half they leave you on hold for an hour trying to look for the answer. I've tested support by asking the most simple questions, just to see if they knew it, and they didn't. What's the point of contacting support, if support puts you on hold to ask support? It's pretty awful and extremely frustrating cause it wastes a lot of time.