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Hi, I'm trying to figure out which Shopify theme was used to create this store:


Is there any way to check? Or does anyone maybe recognise this theme? I looked at the code, but it only says "...Shopify.theme = {"name": production UK New..."


I will appreciate all the help. Thanks! 

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Hi @Dat999,


It's difficult to determine because each store will be customized according to the needs and style of the store owner. However, you can try the following options to find out:


  1. Contact the store owner through the displayed contact information on the store. I believe it won't be difficult for you to do this if you can reach out to them.

  2. Use a Shopify theme detection software. You can try using Google Chrome extensions, but I noticed that there are fewer users for them. You can search for other suitable software.

  3. Check the Shopify theme market: Visit to see if there are any similar themes to the store you want to know about. It may take some time, but you never know, you might find a theme you love. You can also check themes from top-rated page builder apps.

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