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After finding two themes that I love, I contacted the Developers behind the themes to express how much I love them, and to ask whether they offer any discount codes ($380 for a theme, compare with $99 from ThemeForest, is a big difference).

Anyway, I was informed that Shopify set the prices, and the developers are unable to offer any discounts/concessions. Two separate theme developers have told me this.


However, when I ask Shopify (both their AI chat, and an sales assistant), they informed me that they are unable to offer discounts, as Shopify set the prices and prohibit developers issuing discounts. 


Has anyone else found this? I find it odd that the cart has an option to apply a discount, there is a help article that tells you how to apply theme discounts, Shopify say that Developers can apply discounts if they wish, yet the developers I have spoken to disagree and say it is not within their T&Cs with Shopify to do so.


Interested to know your thoughts...

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