Shopify UI Bug? "Select all 50+ items from your store"

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Hi All,


it appears that no one seems to really know what the "Select all 50+ items from your store" Link does when you are selecting multiple products with a filter, so im looking to see if anyone has any insight.

If you navigate to the products section in the shopify admin UI, and select "All Products", then filter by "something" (i filtered by a specific TAG).

Now i have a few thousand products in this filter, and i want them deleted, so i can select all, which selects 50 products, or i can "Select all 50+ items from your store".

when you click "Select all 50+ items from your store", it doesn't tell you how many products its actually selecting, so to be safe, i need to assume it's literally selecting all products from my store and not just the filter. Does anyone know the actual function of this "Select all 50+ items from your store" Link?

When i contact Shopify support, they don't know what it actually does.

I've recommended to the shopify support team to put in a feature request to show how many products are selected, and possibly change the wording if it's for the filter and not all products in the account. 

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@seandkendall did you ever figure what the "Select all 50+ items from your store" does when a filter is already applied?

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This is my exact question-- how has this not been answered yet?