Shopify Variant Dilemma - Linking Color Options to Separate Product Pages

Shopify Variant Dilemma - Linking Color Options to Separate Product Pages

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Hello fellow Shopify enthusiasts,

I've run into a bit of a conundrum with my Shopify store, and I'm hoping to get some guidance. I've been using size as a variant, which works well, but for color variants, I decided to create separate product pages. This approach makes it easier for me to set up collections and run ads effectively.


However, I'd like to enhance the user experience by displaying color options as variants on a product page. Ideally, I'd like it so that when customers click on these color options, they are redirected to the respective product page for that color.


Has anyone encountered this challenge before and found a solution? I'm eager to learn how to set this up and improve the navigation on my site.


Looking forward to your valuable insights and suggestions!

Thank you for your help.

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Our app Variant Robot could be of great use to your shop:

Variant Robot can automatically link your separately listed products that are perceived as separate variants, such as individually listed colors.
This allows you to display the different variations of the product on your product page. 

The app features automatic synchronization, ensuring newly added products are linked together seamlessly.

When activating the app for the first time, you only need to define a few settings. This allows the app to understand the association between your separately listed products.