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Since April 2021 we have used Vend POS to control inventory at our 3 bricks and mortar stores and this is also connected to our Shopify  E-com store.  All stock that we sell online through our Shopify site is taken from one of the three bricks and mortar stores. The Shopify site does not hold it's own stock.

The problem we are having is that when Shopify looks for the stock to fulfil an order it firstly looks at store one, if the stock isn't there it looks at store two. However, if the stock is in store two, it will fulfil the order leaving that one item of stock showing in store two and sending store one to a minus 1 position. We then have to manually deduct the item from store two, to put that from 1 available to 0 and manually adjust the item in store one to put that from -1 available to 0.

We have asked both Vend and Shopify for solutions on how to fix this until we are blue in the face but both just say it's a fault of the other. 

Please see our example below. If anyone has a solution please share, it's driving us mad!

Thank you.



inventory item.             store 1                     store 2

Product                     0                               1

If a customer goes to the online shop, they can buy 'the product' as our inventory has one in stock.  When the inventory is removed from the system, it automatically removes the item from store 1.  This results in the following

inventory item.             store 1                     store 2

Product                        -1                             1

We no longer have the item in stock as we have sold the last piece, however the inventory in Vend has created a negative and left a positive stock number, allowing another customer to come along and purchase 'product' as store 2 is still showing an item.  This is creating nightmares for me in trying to avoid selling inventory we no longer have!

Has anyone else been able to get around this, without having to manually check and change stock levels EVERYTIME you sell something through shopify?




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