Shopify, what a disappointment this platform is!

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If you want a site with three pages and no interesting features, that might be fine. However, as soon as you add the slightest functionality, nothing works anymore. It's a highly inefficient mess. Regrettably, influenced by an advertisement, I thought about leaving WordPress for Shopify, hoping to avoid dealing with technical aspects, what a mistake! Since I switched to Shopify, I've encountered nothing but issues that I have to solve on my own because their team of 'experts' leaves you alone for days, sometimes weeks, without support. I'm currently dealing with a bug that prevents Google from indexing my pages due to a redirection issue. I was the one who found the problem after days of searching, and I've been waiting for seven days for their technical team to address a beginner's issue that I could have fixed in two minutes on my previous platform. It's disgraceful. Shopify lures you in by claiming you won't have to handle anything, but once you encounter a problem, the only solution they offer is to pay extra to hire an expert for even the smallest issue! We are on the 8th day of waiting for them to fix a problem that would have taken barely an hour to resolve with any competitor.
Do not choose this platform, or you will regret it!
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Twelve days ago, I launched my website and went through Google's console to submit my sitemaps. I received a message from Google stating that due to a redirection issue, it could not index the pages. Ah, I had spent three months on this, dozens of hours on the site, and just as much if not more, dealing with Shopify's customer service to fix issues with their faulty platform. To end up being told, like everyone else, that I needed to hire an expert because it was clear that they were anything but experts. The situation continued, and seeing after lengthy discussions that they understood nothing about the problem, I started looking for a solution myself. Being a painter and given their level of expertise, I figured I could definitely sort it out. And I found a solution in an hour or two, something I hadn't considered before: it was just a matter of modifying a meta href tag to avoid confusion by Google. So, it should have been quick, but no! 13 days later, they still hadn't made the change. I had to subscribe to a plan with my former host to get my good old WordPress back up and start redoing the site. The outcome: three months wasted and, especially since Shopify promotes speed, I ended up paying more to launch a site in three months, whereas with WordPress, I'm going to do it in just about a month. Shopify is suitable for four basic pages and very basic functionalities as well. If you want a multilingual site with adjustments other than those native to Shopify, which is to say not much, I wish you good luck. They even closed my ticket without providing any solution, but yesterday, my little fee of €60 was debited without any issue. I don't understand how such incompetent people can continue to be in business. I wish all the best to anyone who will still struggle to explain their issues to a customer service that understands nothing, only to be told that their expensive subscription is not sufficient and that they will need to hire experts. As for me, I'm going back to WordPress and its vast free possibilities. Goodbye Shopify, and I'm happy to never see you again!

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