ShopifyPlus and Chrome issue.

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I provide customer support for some clients running ShopifyPlus, starting about a month ago there seems to be an issue when using the admin it in Chrome.


On a page where you edit an address for an order, or the refund page with fields if you click away from the tab and come back the page is white/blank - only one or two fields show up on an empty page. It will eventually load but does so in blocks and takes a while.


It does not happen in any other browser and I have had other support agents try on their system and have the same thing happen in Chrome only. Running the latest version of chrome: Version 118.0.5993.71 (Official Build) (64-bit)


While it will not happen every single time, it does happen more often than not and is a pretty annoying issue when editing an address and having to switch tabs or windows to fill it in or confirm refund amounts.


Any ideas or is this a known bug?


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