Shopping Cart disappearing when items added

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Hello, I am hoping to find some help for an issue my website is having.  The shopping cart pop out is disappearing, or more accurately is appearing blank when new products are added to it or when the quantities in the cart are adjusted when the current promotional item we are giving away for free is in the cart.

We have a promotion active that gives 1 specific free item to any order of two or more of any items in the store (we sell soap bars and all soap bars are the same price).  To receive the free bar of soap that variety has to be added to the cart and then the discount will be applied to it in the cart. The cart works fine in adding the other soaps but when the promotional item (Strawberry Roan) is added the pop in cart feature goes blank.  When it is blank there is not way to proceed to checkout.  A refresh of the whole page helps, but that obviously adds more steps to the check out process.

Here are two images of the cart with products and blank.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Shopping cart with productsShopping cart with productsShopping cart after products added or quantities adjustedShopping cart after products added or quantities adjusted