Should I upgrade to a premium theme from a free Debutify theme?

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I've created my Shopify store with free theme and then I used a free theme of Debutify. And I've linked my whtsapp number also. Recently I received a message from Nigerion Person. He suggest me some changes on my store after that he asked me to upgrade my current theme to premium theme. The theme he suggest me is Motion and send me a file. The actual price is 360$. He asked me only 100$ and give me an offer I can 100$ when I'll get sales on my store. I am so confused what should I do.

Please someone tell me either I use that theme or not. Or any melcious code in theme?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Tajammal262 


Of course, you should not use that theme. It is illegal.

No one other than Shopify and theme developers has the right to sell that theme. 

You could get sued for a lot more than $360.


Do you have that file already? If not, that also could be just a scam, you send money and even get an empty zip file.

But also there is a big possibility they could add malicious code in the theme.

It is like a classic Nigerian prince scam: you get millions and millions but to receive you "just" need to send a few thousand dollars for some fee 🙂



Kind regards
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He send me a .zip file.