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I'm trying to figure out how to have a different image display as the image you see on the collection and search results pages for some products but not others, and the image that is displayed must not be seen on the product page, so it needs to be either hidden on the product page or reference an image URL that isn't displayed on the product page. I'm sure I found a solution previously using offset in the product theme template but I can't find the post anymore!


The theme is Parallax by Out of the Sandbox.


The solution must:


- Show a product photo as the image you see on the collection page, home page, search results (anywhere it is viewed other than within the product page itself).

- Not show that image on the actual product page

- Be applied to some products but not others (I figure this would be achievable by having a different product theme template that can be applied to some products but not others, which is a fine workaround for me)

- Be able to be used when I change themes in the future (this will be happening soon but I don't yet know the theme)


Can anybody help? 🙂


Edit: I just found this, maybe this could be a solution? I think I've figured out how to apply this to my theme but I have to manually upload the image to the product. I need to be able to do this on mass via CSV upload.


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You can use meta field for storing image path and update the code accordingly.


your can update the path of image using bulk editor in Shopify.





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