Show all product variants on Collection Page

Show all product variants on Collection Page

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Dear Friends,


I have 3 to 4 different color variants for many products listed on my website. By default, Shopify only shows one variant on the Collection page. How can I show all the variants on the relevant collection page?


I kindly request your prompt response and any suggestions or insights you can provide to help me find a viable solution. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!

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The ability to show all product variants directly on the collection page isn't a built-in feature of Shopify. By default, Shopify displays one product image (usually the first one) on the collection page. However, there are a few different ways you can work around this:


1) Custom Theme Development: The first and most direct way would be to modify your theme's code. This would involve changing the liquid files that control your collection pages to loop through each product variant and display them. This option requires a fair amount of coding knowledge and would be best suited for a Shopify Expert or a web developer.

2) Third-Party Apps: There are numerous apps in the Shopify app store that can offer this feature. the Varia ‑ variants on collection App is designed to show all variants on the collection page. You can try this app and see if it works well with your website design and performance. -

3) Use Variant as Separate Product: Another workaround, albeit a bit cumbersome, would be to list each variant as a separate product. This way, each variant would naturally appear on the collection page. However, this could make inventory management more complicated and might not be the best solution if you have a large number of products with many variants.


Remember, each of these options has its pros and cons and might affect your site's performance or layout. It's important to consider your specific needs and resources before deciding on the best solution.


I hope this helps and wish you the best of luck with your store!

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You can check out the video below to learn how to display all product variants and their prices on Shopify collection pages.


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