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show metafield with html and a tag (link) on product page

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How can I show a metafield with HTML tags and a link in it?
The orange part should be link to another product.
The metafield is from Wordpress short description so the value for the metafield is exactly like the one in the blue box.
I wanted to use 'rich text' type when I add definition for the metafield, but the 'rich text' type is not activated, so I couldn't use it. Is it because I use a free theme?
If the rich text is not the only way, how can I show the link?


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Hello @yoonlaser You'd just use a multiline metafield type, put in your content then output it either by coding it into the theme, using a theme setting block that can use it as a dynamic source.

Or use a custom-liquid block to output it using liquid i.e. {{ product.metafields.status.replacement_html.value }} or use a url metafield type {{ product.metafields.status.replacement_url.value }} .

Note the metafield namespace "status" and keys like "replacement_html" are arbitrary name them what you want for organization.


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