Show products according to country

Show products according to country

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Hi team, I hope you all are doing well,

I need help regarding to selling products in different countries, The reason to be here I want to show different products in different countries, like I need to sell some products in US, some in Canada and so on. The user in US should not be able to see the products for Canada. I want to know if there is any build in option in Shopify.



Abdul Rehman

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Hi Layoutpk!

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Regarding your concern to show products according to country. There is no built in function in shopify. There is this guide from shopify which shows how to Customize Content by Country with Shopify but it is not for hiding and showing products based on country.

You can use this app to hide products based on location

I hope this solution is beneficial to you.

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Hi @layoutpk ,


Thanks for reaching out!


I looked at our App Store and found an app called Advanced Store Localization which may offer the functionalities necessary for you to accomplish this. This app allows you to set country-specific products, pages, and currencies by filtering customers by IP Address. 


So, if you want a customer from a specific country only to be able to view the national version of your product, you can do just that by selecting which products are displayed. If this interests you, feel free to check out their seven-day free trial here or browse our other Geolocation apps that offer similar functionalities. 


I’d love to know more about your business! For example, what type of products are you selling? How are you planning to advertise them to different markets? 

Iris | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @Iris Thanks for reaching, Its related to e-bike, e-skooters, etc.

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As I can understand, you are looking to limit orders of certain products from certain countries in your store. In that case, allow me to introduce you to our miniOrange lock-on application! You can regulate access to collections, products, and pages, based on the geolocation of your Shopify users.

With this application, you can either allow shipping or restrict the items to certain countries. You can freely test the features of our application to better understand its functionality.
I hope this answers your query.