Showing Dynamic Checkout Buttons

Showing Dynamic Checkout Buttons

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 Hello I’m facing a problem with dynamic checkout buttons. I want the dynamic checkout buttons to show in the cart and on checkout. I want to show all buttons in the cart and on checkout so (PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay) but only 1 or 2 buttons show every time and differ from time to time.


so when I’m in the card options for Apple Pay, Paypal and Google Pay should show next to each other on desktop (under the add-to-cart button) and under each other like in the picture on mobile.



So on checkout it looks good most of the time (all 3 dynamic checkout buttons show most of the time) but in this picture Apple Pay does not show. 
Can someone help me with this so the payment methods always show. Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Stef


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Hi, @TrendBlend.


Thanks for posting your question to the Shopify Community.


To clarify, dynamic checkout buttons on Shopify adapt to show the most relevant payment method to your customers based on their location, device, and previous payment history, enhancing the checkout experience. This is why you may notice that the checkout buttons differ from time to time.  Based on this information, you're not able to control what dynamic checkout button a customer sees. You can find more information in our Dynamic Checkout Buttons resource.


I understand this is an important need for your business, and I'll go ahead and submit this feedback to our product development team for review. Please keep an eye on our Shopify Changelog for updates and features that roll out to the platform. 

Victoria | Shopify 
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