Single Customer Account with Multiple Logins

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We have several customers in our industry who purchase via Invoice, which then needs to be paid by a separate entity. Utilizing a single email address and password combination to be shared between two organizations can be an issue in itself, particularly since one of those entities will need to be the one to establish the password and share with the other. We also have several customers who have multiple divisions within their company; and while they can all create their own accounts to manage their orders, their accounting team doesn't have visibility into the accounts to pay for the invoices unless they send them their logins. 


Places like Amazon allow for secondary logins for account viewing, so this concept is not strange or unrealistic in regards to expectation. Can someone from Shopify shed some light on this?

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This is a necessity for any brands wishing to sell wholesale.

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We desperately need this ability, too. Where's the upcoming functions wishlist?