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 i have still making the new site but the page load on category and catalog pages for the first page load is very slow. it says on google page speed that the server response time is more than 5 seconds also.

how can i fix this. i am very new to shopify and any help will be greatly appreciated




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Please read this blog very carefully after that you will diagnose your site problem and can able to fix the problem.

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One thing you could improve is the image thumbnails.

Although some thumbnails have dimensions about 200x200 pixels and file size 6-7KB, others are too large (512x512 and file size about 20KB). You could reduce the dimensionof the large ones.

Also, the images are not optimized. I was able to reduce the size of a 20KB thumbnail to 16KB using the free service  

This link may help you  optimize your images:



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Sometimes it's the apps that are slowing your website down. I know from experience. I run an app company and often when doing support, I find that the slow apps are the cause. (I've seen apps that have 10s load times, yeah)

So I wrote a blog on how to spot those. Basically what I usually do to diagnose if it's an app that is slowing you down:

Optimizing your Shopify store - how to spot slow apps

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You can also try apps that hide slow loading time by displaying some animation. For example:

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