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Sitewide discount plus free shipping code?

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I am launching my site Monday and wanted to offer a sitewide discount just for launch day. Normally I would just create a coupon code for this. However, since shopify apparently still doesn't have a solution for free local pick up for those who do not want their home address shown, I had created a LOCALPICKUP coupon code which makes the shipping free. Is there any way for someone who is shopping local to also get the benefit of the launch day discount?  What alternative could I do as I know several people who are thinking of shopping on launch day are also local. 

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Hi @emilym2 

At present, Shopify doesn't support multiple discounts for one order. Since you have offered coupon code LOCALPICKUP, customers can't enjoy your sitewide discount for launch day. 

You can consider some of the following solutions: 
1. Offering your customers a gift card with the balance of the discount code you wish to offer them.
2. Use a third-party app to offer customers multiple discounts simultaneously.
For example: 
Stackable Discounts

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