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Is there any solution for filtering by size? It can't be a static filtering because our size avialability changes the minute we sell something. Our customers are way too busy to have to sort through all of our products to see which items are available by size. I'm very surprised that Shopify has not solved this as this impacts conversion as much or more than anything else.

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I need this as an absolute essential (yet basic) feature.

If Shopify won't deliver this; I'll walk away after 5 years and -finally- choose a professional alternative


Best regards,

Agnes Leitner

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Hi Mel_01.


Please, could you update us regarding the feature of size filtering?

I believe the feature should make able filtering by any variant you use, like size or color.


Please this is a basic feature and it is in the backlog for development for ages...


Also, if it is not planned to be delivered yet, how can we the Community ask to prioritize this?


Thanks in advance.


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Agreed. This is a basic feature that should be provided by Shopify and not by a third party app which comes at a price and creates a multitude of theme problems.
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Is this possible yet? I'd really like it if my customers could filter by size without having to pay for an external app.

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Any updates on this?

I too am shocked this isn't a basic feature in Shopify... searching by size is the first thing many shoppers do on clothing websites. You can't expect them to browse through and then go into every single product to see if their size is available?

For now, I've found a reasonably priced app that displays size swatches (greying out 'out of stock' options) under the products in your collection pages:

It's a decent alternative but it still requires the buyer to browse through all the products instead of just the ones which are available in their size. It eliminates the need for the buyer to click on the products though, which is good.

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Totally agree this should be a must in Shopify.

Ines Castelltort
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Hello Peeps,

I'm glad to see im not the only one struggling with this problem! Mind boggling that an e commerce platform does not offer this function?

Has anyone else come right with either of these APPS


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I now use Product Filter & Search.

Highly recommend it, it's a really good and customisable app. It fits right into your theme aesthetically too, unlike some of the others I've seen.

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We are having the same issue here.  So we just implemented this theme called EMPIRE which has size filtering built in.  But the kicker where it hurts part is that it shows all the items that were ever available in Medium, not the ones that are ACTUALLY available in Medium!!!

Product and Filter app does the same thing - absolute crap.

So if we sell out in Mediums for a dress - it still shows it's available in medium when you filter!


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I cant't believe there still isnt a solution to this from Shopify.  I will share my workaround that I'm using because I refuse to pay even more than I have to pay already for the numerous apps I need for my site to function properly.

First you need to create collections for all your different sizes.  If you go to collections you will go to Variant Title is equal to  XS for example (note you have to have it so ALL conditions are met) then you add a condition where inventory stock is greater than zero.  This way the collection will have all items in that size show up.  You do this for all the sizes you need make an individual collection for each one.

 So I have a sidebar menu which is where I put this but I think you could put it anywhere.  If you go to the navigation section you create a menu "Filter by Size" or whatever you want to call it.  Since you have to link something I just do all products since people arent going to be using this anyways its just a title basically.    The underneath you create sub menus in the sizes you want.  So for me the first one is XS then i link it to my collection i made for XS.  Do this with each size and customers at least have a way to see what you have for each size in stock.  

Hope this helps someone!

Feel free to ask any questions if I'm unclear.  This isnt the best solution but it will at least work to show customers what you have in stock.  Unfortunately they can only see one size at a time but for us thats fine.