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Is there any solution for filtering by size? It can't be a static filtering because our size avialability changes the minute we sell something. Our customers are way too busy to have to sort through all of our products to see which items are available by size. I'm very surprised that Shopify has not solved this as this impacts conversion as much or more than anything else.

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Hi, Steve!

I’m Melissa, a Shopify Guru. Thanks for posting. So, this is not a current native function in the Shopify admin to have filter by size. However, I am sure there are many merchants who love this feature as part of their online store, so I would be happy to forward this as a feature request to our team. 

As a possible workaround, there is a few apps like Collection Filter which will enable such a function on your store. You can then search products by size, colour, and any other option. For a more robust tool, I would recommend Power Tools - Filter as you can modify and maintain a filter menu and improve your site's navigation and appeal by letting customers filter products by type, size, colour, brand, price etc.

Hope this information helps! You can reach out to the Guru team if you have any questions.

Have a great day!

Melissa | Shopify Guru

Mel | Shopify 
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Are you kidding me? Why we have VARIANTS in product options but cant filter it... Man the more I use shopify the more I suffer. 

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Hey Melissa did you forward this request to shopify to include this basic option ??? Im so frustrated with your services , basic stuff ...come on!!! it should be part of shopify basic website functions . You guys are killing me!!!


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@Steve_Marshall1 @AmeliaThreads @Munawar_Sheikh @weaselfsk @Mel_O1 

Did any of you guys find an easy solution to this problem. Seems unbelievable such a basic function is not built in.

Of the two Apps recommended above.. one seems to be impossible to install on your own and then you are reliant on an not very responsive support team and the other is an extra $15! a month and does much much more than what is requires..  which is a simple search or filter of in-stock variant 'size'

The last eCommerce platform I used had this built in....

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Baffling. You'd think they would want to increase their own business with this. 

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As small businesses, we must be able to provide a pleasant and productive shopping experience if we are to compete with the majors.  This is critical in light of the re-engineering of our brick and mortar stores to e-commerce.  Clothing retailers absolutely must have a means to easily filter products by size on Shopify.

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I am also surprised basic feature like this require an app purchase. this is the second basic functionality i need and is not available or require to purchase an app.

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Hi @Mel_O1 


Can you please update where this request stands? Clearly this is a feature that is important to many many Shopify users. Can you please confirm that this request has been submitted to your development team? 

Being able to filter by size is absolutely essential


Thank you.