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i've been doing a lot of work on my store and website. From metadata, to SEO keywords etc.  i still have a few updates to do.  But nothing is moving the way i feel it should.  ive been signing up for online fb groups to get tidbits of info, but it seems like they are just regurgitating everything im already doing and trying to charge me for it.  FB & IG ads havent been working either.  those are getting too expensive for such a low turnout.  what are some methods you recommend.  someone advised getting a shopify partner from fiverr.

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Hey @mjlhark.


Thanks for reaching out.


I would recommend adding the available Sales Channels to your Shopify store to help reach a larger audience. Additionally, adding keywords to your store's SEO as you mentioned is a great way to appear higher on search results. 


If you are interested in hiring a Shopify Expert to assist you with any tasks for your online store, you can reach out to an Expert here.


Let us know what you think and if you have any questions.

Ollie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hey there, I saw your website. I’ll speak from the experience of evaluating many online brands and helping them scale their Conversion Rates.

It seems like you need to solve for traffic right now, and you shouldn’t focus on anything else.

Some tips that I think have worked for other brands with similar kind of products -

  1. Figure out some star products - I see that you sell in multiple categories, but are there any products that you feel have the most potential? Whatever ads you create, whatever organic content you create, even SEO focus should be around that star product. Let people discover your star product before they discover your brand.
  2. Content is your best friend - I know it’s hard, but seriously. Just create some good looking UGC videos for IG, TikTok and try to get 1-2 videos viral. Nothing else will come close. Again, pick the star product before you get to this step, otherwise your effort might be spread too thin.
  3. Have one defining element for your brand - Why would people buy your product? Is it cheaper? Is it the best quality there is? Is it sourced locally? Is it environmentally conscious. Just pick 1 element and run with it. Repeat it a 1000 times over in your organic and paid content. Slowly, people might remember.

It’s a tough job, easier said than done. But these few things will give you an outsized result. All the best!