Smart collection based on a meta field

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Is it possible to create a smart collection which filters on a value in a metafield?

I need to filter on a piece of text that is not seen.  I cannot put the text in Tags.

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I don't believe create a smart collection that way. Have two thoughts, however:

1. Mod your collection template to filter based on the metafield so it outputs what you want.

I do something like that on our landing pages where the search term has a particular color in it. I look through the products and variants until I find one that matches a metafield value (in my case on the page not product object). Only then does the product get shown (e.g. the landing page for "Black TV consoles" would only show consoles with our code for black in the SKU.


2. Mod your collection and product templates to filter out tags that contain an embedded string in them. For example, if you wanted to make a smart collection based on color, you could add a tag like privateBlueWidget. Then when you output tags, you'd filter out tags that start with "private". ::: Solid Wood TV Furniture for Enthusiasts. Made in USA.
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We have developed an app that replicates the smart collection feature with metafields. You can find it in the Shopify App Store:

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But it is not working for us. We created 4-5 test collections with different conditions and collection is empty in all cases. Can you please guide us

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Hi, of course we can help you with that! Please send an e-mail to our support team at with your issue and my colleagues will be happy to help.