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I am a little confused here. I am trying to send SMS Notifications to my customers but they are not reaching, however in the shopify timeline it shows that the SMS has been sent. Same problem after resending the message. Are we required to link any 3rd party app to my shopify account for this purpose? I cannot find a clear answer anywhere. Shopify just says that we need to turn on the SMS notifications which I have already and then it will send but it is not working here. If shopify has the feature itself it needs to work here, right?

Kindly help.

Thank you

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So I'm having this same issue. I think it's related to the device and/or carrier. I couldn't find any forum with an answer but when I tested with a user with a non-iphone, it worked. IDK if it's because she didnt have an iphone or if it's because she have a different carrier. I tried 2 iphones one with Verizon other with Tmobile and neither receive the notifications.

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Hey @Aron5,


I have seen your requirement, I can suggest you one extension that helps you to send notifications to your users by your own sender ID. This is a third-party app called All in one SMS Notification.


The features of this app are as below:

  • Send SMS Notifications via your own sender ID
  • Support multiple SMS API Gateway 
  • Notify customers about the order, shipment, and delivery
  • Personalize notifications using variables


For More Information: Shopify App All in One Notification


Hope this helps you. 


Thank you.