Sold Business - Next Years 1099K Question

Sold Business - Next Years 1099K Question

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I asked chat support, but would also like a 2nd opinion.


Next week the new owner will take over the business. Chat support says receiving my 2024 1099K form with the dates Ive owned the business will be as simple as contacting them via chat and requesting a 1099 with the dates I was the owner.


Does anyone have experience on receiving their 1099K form after selling their business? I want to ensure it is in fact as easy as contacting chat. And that I will receive a 1099 with the dates I owned the business via snail mail. And the new owner will also receive a separate 1099 with the dates they owned the business. Thx


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Hi @BuyProBags !


You are on the right track by contacting Shopify support team and, yes. They are correct as you will be able to receive your 1099K report via email if eligible. You can also request that to Shopify support team just like what the support advisor mentioned.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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