Some Orders Now Appearing In Euros, Not In USD

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Since October 6th 2021, I've been getting some orders (3) that have their currencies in Euros. I'm in the United States, and under Settings - General - Currency - Store currency it says "US dollars" and "This is the currency your products are sold in. After your first sale, currency is locked in and can’t be changed." I've had my Shopify store for about 4 years now, and never seen anything like this, ever. And I have made no changes recently.

More: those 3 orders were PayPal, and within PayPal I see them separating the incoming transfers under USD and EUR - which they've never done before - as if Shopify never handled, or chose not to handle, the currency conversion. Even more confusing is there was one International order between the 2nd and 3rd Euro ones, via PayPal, that just as before Oct 6th - completely in USD. This almost implies that International customers have this new option to pay either in Euros (or other currency) or Dollars.

Again, this has never happened before, and I hardly fiddle with my store and did not make any changes myself.

I talked to Shopify support over the phone, and she said she didn't know what was happening, so she said she'd escalate it and I'd get an email. I got the email, and they said:

"Thanks for reaching out to us about your question regarding multi currency and the currency of the orders that were showing up on your order page for some orders. After looking into this with my team, this is an expected process since the order is multi currency. The way it is showing up on the order page is correct."

I don't know what "multi-currency" means. So I googled, like a resourceful person does, and I got this:

The reference doesn't say how an order can be "multi-currency". And the orders weren't more than one currency, there were represented as the WRONG currency in terms of my store. Plus, more importantly, this is only in reference to Shopify Payments, not PayPal in which this is happening. When I originally talked to the Shopify rep, she tried to get me to look the Settings - Payments - Shopify payments area, but I reminded her that this was PayPal, so she said "oh". (Fine answer.)

So I'm getting a small amount of runaround here, and I've replied via email to Shopify asking them to clarify themselves (and to answer my question, which they didn't), but I'm typing this question just in case I can get a quicker answer.

In short, before Oct 6 2021 I've been completely shielded from currency conversion, never seeing any foreign currency reference, only seeing USD, both in Shopify and in PayPal. Never seen any trace of it. Now it's popping up, and I'm going to hate it when on Sunday I do my weekly transfer of funds from my PayPal account to my bank account, and I'm going to troubled if I get hit with extra fees or other from PayPal.

Any thoughts, or similar observations? Or suggestions what to do about it?

Garth Hjelte
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Just now seeing the same thing happen on my store too but it's through the Shopify payment system, not PayPal. For me I've seen orders come through in British Pounds and Australian Dollars. Default currency is US Dollars. Didn't touch the currency settings in my store.

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In your case, you can explicitly check this under Settings - Payments - Shopify payments - Manage. You’ll see what happens for every currency explicitly. All of them are set to Automatic by default. And this is what is so vexing 😃 Before October 6, I never saw any trace of any currency other than USD.

Garth Hjelte

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Hi, I had the same issues at my store and received a response from a Shopify Support. Please see below.




Mar 24, 2022, 11:54 EDT


Support here from the Billing and Payments team at Shopify. Support let me know that you were looking for some further insight as to why the customer was charged in EUR instead of USD.


I did reach out to a couple different technical/developer teams on our end to review this further to get exact details as to what happened here.
They let me know that stores do not always default to the customers local currency when there are other currency options on the store. This would mean the customer needing to select the correct currency on their end before checking out. With this order, our developers can see that was the case where the store did default to EUR and USD was never selected which caused the order to be charged in EUR.

I can confirm that when the customer enters their address details, that will not update the currency at checkout. This is something they would need to select while still browsing the store with the drop down option that is on your storefront before heading to the checkout to complete their purchase.

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HI!  we have the same thing, three orders in the last week 2 that have shown up in Australian dollars, and one in Tawian Dollars.  I checked all settings, all show USD.  I would love to know if  you get any further updates. 

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We just got an Order from Sweden and the currency on Shopify was in Swedish SEK currency...?? Really? Our setting is also set to USD (only).

Very hard to figure out what price they actually bought the items at and the International postage they paid... This is really ridiculous!