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I launched my store October 30th. I was running google ads and Instagram ads, getting quite of a bit of traffic for a couple weeks but no add to carts. They rarely even get past the homepage. The average session duration for my website is 25 seconds, however I have an app installed that shows me replays of people visiting my site and there are a handful of people who spend a minute visiting a product or products. They look at the photos, the variations, description, and reviews and then just leave.


What can I do to fix this? My product pages are pretty basic, I don’t exactly know how to make them better.

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Hi, @aimeemorash7.

Thanks for your message, I would be happy to provide you with some feedback on this. Thank you for providing your store URL, I really enjoyed taking a look at your shop and products. A couple of things I would look into are, your logo looks a little blurry or low resolution:

I recommend referencing our handy Uploading Images guide to ensure you are uploading your logos and images as per the requirements listed here. If you are using a third-party theme, you will want to reach out to the developers of your theme to look into this as they may have specific image upload requirements. 

I would also recommend changing the color of this text as it is a bit hard to read:

Aside from those small things, the shop looks great. You mentioned that you have recently run some ads and seen some traffic come in but the visitors got stuck on your homepage, this can be quite common with new shops. We have a great article that talks in-depth about traffic and no sales here, that I recommend checking out. It goes through important questions you can go over with yourself/team about your shop and homepage, such as:

  1. Is your main navigation easy to use?
  2. Does your visual brand look professional?
  3. Does your homepage have a clear call to action?
  4. Are shoppers adding products to their cart?
  5. Are shoppers abandoning their cart?
  6. Are you remarketing to your website visitors?

Another great resource to review is our traffic guide, which breaks down some further things you will want to look into when trying to build converting traffic on your shop:

  • Is this a good product? A “good product” means that it’s good enough for your audience and passes their implicit cost-benefit analysis.
  • Is there a large target market? A market is a group of people already spending money on something. Are people buying the same type of product?
  • Is there an addressable target market? An addressable market is a group of people with visible shared qualities, already spending money on something. Is there a market segment you can focus on? 
  • Is there a great product story and/or compelling copy? You might have a clear “why” for the product in contrast to competitors, but you need to translate that pitch to compelling web copy. Does your product pitch resonate with them enough to purchase?
  • Is there a low-cost way to reach this audience? The goal should be to keep customer acquisition costs low. Are there multiple ways you can reach potential customers?

Lastly, our marketing checklist here offers some really great insights into targeted traffic. 

I hope some of these resources help you out moving forward, please feel free to reach back out here with any questions about the above information! 

Marty | Social Care @ Shopify
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