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Sort Packing Slip by barcode

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I've succesfully sorted a packing slip i print out by a print app using the sort function:

{% assign line_items = line_items | sort:"SKU" %}

Now I need to sort it by variant barcode; I tried with the following code but there is something missing bcs it doesn't work: 

{% assign line_items = line_items | sort:"line_item.variant.barcode" %}

Anybody knows where i'm doing wrong?

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I am more interested in how your even got a barcode to show up on packing slip. I have been working for ages and I for the life of me can't get a barcode to populate. What is your secret?

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actually when I refer to packing slip I didn't mean the one in shopify
order dashboard, but it is a printout i get for the App: Order Print Pro.

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To answer 's question, I use something like:

{% for line_item in line_items %}


<td>{{ line_item.variant.barcode }}</td>


{% endfor %}


, did you ever figure out sorting by line_item.variant.barcode? I have the same problem. All sorting seems to do is reverse the order of line items rather than actually sorting anything.

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Hey! Where would I enter this code to sort the product by sku? My employees are running all over the warehouse because its shelved numerical by sku #. Thanks for your help!