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Currently, my theme is set as Dawn. I would like to be able to display all my products from the most expensive to the cheapest automatically. How am I able to do so? As of now, by default, it's set as A-Z


Would appreciate anyone's assistance 

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Hey @xDDPx 

This should definitley be doable! I had a look through the Dawn theme settings and it appears that while you can toggle the 'Enable Sorting' option, I'm not seeing a clear way to change the order of this sorting from within the theme editor itself. 

Not to worry however, there is another way around this. What you could do is create a new collection and include all of your products in it (a quick way might be to create an automatic collection and add a condition such as product price greater than 0, which will pull in all of your products). You can call the new collection 'all' and if you navigate to this new collection's settings page in your admin, you can change the default sorting to be 'Highest Price'. That will mean every time a customer navigates to that collection, it will automatically default to that sorting (and they can manually change it if they wish to).

You can see in my screenshot below that I have done this and it seems to work:


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