Spam, bots (protonmail), third party app and more

Spam, bots (protonmail), third party app and more

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What is a good business idea? First make the bots and attact Shopify stores create lots of abandoned checkouts,  then create the paid app to keep them away. What does Shopify do for this? I have contacted Shopify for several issues or questions how do things.


- Example how create automated email for customers after their purchase to get product reviews. Answer is use third party app. What?? you want i install app for everything? I pay high price eatch month for the service what should include protection of bots and other security issues. And remember people. What the third party apps get from your store? They can get all your customer data and use them or sell? How i can protect my customers privacy when there is clearly issue with security? I am so confuse they are so money greedy that things make no sence. 


Plus after all that you wonder why your store performance is poor? Try not use so much apps they say. What a joke


And where all these third party "shopify partners" or marketing gurus or gods get my EMAIL address that they spam my email every day with the non sence and end of the email is click here to unsubscribe. Really i have not even subscribed for the emails! 


All this i need to pay.

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