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Can anyone help me with this issue I keep having? I recently just created a shopify website for my business and I keep receiving these spam messages from my contact form on my website. I keep receiving them and can't seem to be able to block them. (See attached sample of the type of messages I keep receiving)


Does anyone have a solution or is my only option removing the contact form altogether? Thanks.




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Hello @amynimhurchu ,


No need to worry we have solution. to block spammers and protect your all input forms you have to just active CAPTCHA feature, to activate you have to follow steps-
1. Click on "Online Store" > Preference > scroll down and just tick on both checkbox as per below screenshot.


It will solve your spam issue. 🙂

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Hi I have the same problem event though the spam protection options have been selected.


Ive had about 10 messages just this morning



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Hi @amynimhurchu

As @saim007 suggested, there is a way of blocking out spam by activating the captcha on your store. You could do this as part of a strategy for fraud prevention on your store, to make sure you're not subject to any vexatious chargebacks.

What is it that you sell? And how long have you been open? I'd love to have a look if your store is live!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi !

As @gemimas the captcha is activated (two captcha checkboxes ticked) on my store but I still receive spam thought the contact form. Do you have another solutions to block those mails ?


Thank you...

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I'm still getting them too.


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Im kind of starting to be a bit sketched out by Shopify (which is odd because its highly raited..) Every post I see regarding this matter is met with an Expert saying that reCAPTCHA will solve the issue. Yet, replies consitently follow with "I have this set up and STILL get spam". Then, all of a sudden, the Expert disappears ajd doesnt follow up with a solution. They are seeming like canned answers and ironically Shopify seems to be spamming these replies to us and not actually continuing to reply back with further solutions. Is it just me or is this getting weird?