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I need your support on a matter, and I would be very happy if you could assist me. I have researched extensively within this community, but I couldn't find a correct and easy method.

We are unable to increase the speed of our website; our Google speed score is 37. When we install the latest theme, our speed suddenly increases to 90, but as soon as we add codes like Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Google Pixel, TikTok Pixel, our website speed drops to the 30s. Is there any other way to add these codes? I don't know how to solve this issue; these codes are slowing down our website. I have read a lot of content on articles, blogs, and forums, but couldn't reach a solution. The only suggestion we've got is from places that offer paid support. By the way, I don't have much knowledge about programming, so please share with me any simple and easy methods to speed up our website if you have any. We have tried more than 20 plugins, but still couldn't achieve a proper result. I don't know what to do; could you please support me on this matter?

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That's common. The Google PS score is not equal to speed, I did a case study on this a couple years back: https://speedboostr.com/case-study-google-psi/


Benchmark tools help to point out things in your website that could be improved, but the score doesn't factor in that you have an ecommerce site that you want to maximize sales on, not have a perfectly fast site.


I recommend running your website through the Shopify Analyzer, see what can fixed, fix and optimize what you can, then get back to focusing on conversion rate optimization.

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Hello @Lady-Ros-LLC,


It's important to investigate what’s causing your website to load slowly. Implementing the wrong solution can negatively impact your website speed too. To evaluate your website's load time, use online tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights, Lighthouse, GTmetrix, or WebPageTest. These tools provide a comprehensive overview of your website's speed and recommend areas for improvement.


Our Whidegroup team has a lot of experience in speed optimization. There are a lot of non-trivial aspects to take into consideration to optimize the speed. So if you need any consultation or assistance, don't hesitate to ask.


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