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So we have a peculiar shipping issue we are trying to solve.

Our store features both health drinks(6pack) and a chips products. Some customers buy both the chips and drinks in the same order which are shipped in the same box. Therefore, our customers receive their box with smashed chips since the drinks smash the chips in shipment

We are looking for some way of splitting the chips & drinks (if in the same order) into separate boxes. So, I guess if it were to work flawlessly, our fulfillment partner would get two invoices and would ship two boxes for the chips + drinks order.

Is there any way of doing this by default in Shopify shipping settings? Shipping profiles maybe?

Your expertise is greatly appreciated!



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Hey @luukee 

I completely understand why this is important to you, I can totally see what you are trying to do here - nothing worse than a bag of smashed chips! This doesn't sound like something that would be doable with any default shipping settings or profiles, as the products would still technically be all on the same order regardless. Is it possible that the fulfilment partner you are using would be able to make a rule on their end to treat the chips products with particular attention, and pack them separately? 

Other than that, there's two approaches I can think of for achieving this; using an app, or getting this implemented on your store as a custom coding solution. I took a look for some apps that might help you out here, and I found the following. If any of them look good to you, it would be worth reaching out to the app developers by using the Get Support button on the app page, as they will be the best equipped to answer.

  • Order Fulfillment Guru - Let's you automatically split & route purchase orders to multiple suppliers, warehouses, dropshippers, 3PL & marketplaces.
  • SplitOrder - it looks like this app can automatically separate shipments/fulfilments by item SKU/vendor, or by rules (maybe you could set a rule for products with a chips tag or something along those lines?
  • Order Merger | Combine orders - this app looks like it can merge/combine orders - perhaps this could also work to split them? It might be worth reaching out to the app devs.
  • Edit Order by Cleverific - an app I found that looks like it can allow you to set up order automations.

If the above solutions don't work for you, then the next best thing might be to hire a Shopify Expert who can work with you to help get this custom coded into your store. The Order API could potentially be used to implement this sort of custom solution, and the right expert should be able to help! 


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If you are using FedEx carrier to process your orders, this can be easily done by Shopify Ship, Rate, and Track for FedEx.
This app has a Pre Packed feature that allows you to set a particular products as Pre Packed. So whenever the products is purchased with another product, it will always be packed separately. I hope this is what you are looking for. Please let me know which carrier you are using. If not FedEx as well, I think I might be able to suggest another solution. 

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