Split Shipment - Prompt Second Order For WMS

Split Shipment - Prompt Second Order For WMS

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We're a small business with two warehouses that use two seperate WMS systems. One is Logiwa and one is Extensiv. Our PA warehouse uses Logiwa and our GA warehouse uses Extensiv. Our shopify links to both but we are having 2 issues with the extensiv integration. 

1. It is pulling ALL orders into it system and eating inventory. Is there a way to ONLY push certain states/territories into the Extensiv system

2. When there is a split ship due to inventory shortage our GA warehouse is asking for the Shopify order to create a secondary order when split. This happens automatically with Logiwa creating a backorder and then I can switch the warehouse to GA to fulfill but I'm unsure what to tell them in Extensiv.

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