Split single line text into metafield list during import

Split single line text into metafield list during import

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I have several metafields that I am importing with my product spreadsheet via CSV. I have four metafields that will become lists, which are entered into my spreadsheet as a line of text, each value separated by a ",". For example, I sell plants which are relevant to multiple hardiness zones ( cell has "6,7,8,9") which I want to be entered as distinct values in the metafield list after import. How can I go about doing this? When I create a new metafield definition in the Settings, select single line text and List of values, the metafield no longer shows up as an option during CSV import. Why is this? Thanks!

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@fvongrey  Hi there - Shopify does not have a way to include metafields as part of the product export. There are a number of reporting apps that can do that such as Report Toaster, Better Reports, Advanced Reports, etc.

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