Split two product options to create a label

Split two product options to create a label

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in my liquid i am fetching the options/variants from a product with:

{{ product.options}}


That works and i will get the result for each option like this



But i want to have Geräte / Jahre


So i was trying to do this

{{ product.options | split: ' ' | handle | replace: "-", " / "}}


but the result is

gerate / jahre (german ä as well missing)


How i can get it to Geräte / Jahre



Many thanks

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I know and understand that you can not promote your App or Services in here, but i would really appreciate some help. Many thanks.

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I doubt many people are paid to help here. 

You can't expect people to sit and monitor these forums 42/7 for free, can you?


Now to your question -- product.options is already an array, so splitting it will do nothing good.

I also see no reason to use handle since what it does among other things is down-case, replace non-ascii characters with best ascii matches and replace spaces, etc with dashes.


You'd only need to do {{ product.options | join: " / " }} to get what you want.

Hope this helps.

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