Spotify charged me $399 and won't refund me

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Hello! I deactivated my store about a month ago and I had an invoice of $399 even though I was doing a free trial. I then contacted support while deactivating the store with a pending invoice and they told me that once I reactivate my store a future rep can switch the invoice to a basic plan and I wouldn't have to pay the $399 because I didn't want that plan anyways. Fast forward to today, I am reopening my store and I choose the basic plan. As soon as I pay for the basic plan it auto charges me the $399 without even telling me and now support tells me they can't refund me. I never wanted the $399 plan to begin with as that was a trial. It sucks because I really want to use shopify with the basic plan but they are giving me no other option than to fight this with my credit card company. 

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Hi @AisAnon !


It looks like your account was deactivated with an unpaid balance that is why, when you reactivated your account, the unpaid balance of $399 was also charged on your account. For this reason, you might want to reach back to Shopify support team and request for a plan downgrade because the unpaid balance was already paid, and your new plan is already running. Request for a subscription credit instead if possible. 

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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