SSL Certificate error x509 for webhooks to self-hosted site

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I am using shopify lite plan with webhooks to update my wp-shopify store on wordpress. SSL certificate from sectigo is installed:


However, shopify is unable to connect to my webhooks, giving me an error x509 after 20 tries. x509 means "certificate signed by unknown authority". Shopify does not have the intermediate certificate installed for shopify's servers to recognize my ssl certificate as valid. (instant ssl issued by Sectigo/formerly Comodo)


I've spoken to support once, and they said it was fixed. Then is happened again, and support did not understand what is happening. Can shopify update their intermediate certs to recognize my ssl cert?


Or can shopify provide me a list of ssl providers/certificate types that are guranteed to be recognized during webhook product updates?

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I occured the same problem and received failed message "Error: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority".

Can shopify give us a usefull suggestion to resolve this problem?