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Good afternoon everyone, I purchased my domain from GoDaddy and SSL Certificate almost a year from now and the SSL Certificate is about to expire.

My question is if @Shopify does offer any type of SSL certificate for their merchants so I don't have to pay for another year separately with GoDaddy? I know my store MUST have one in order to establish a secure connection; however if I don't have to spend money with GoDaddy and simply use Shopify benefits, that would be awesome. 

Perhaps, the answer is that Shopify does not offers anything for their merchants that is FREE and I have to purchase one from a third party.

Any information or comments regarding this topic would be much appreciated, Thank you in advance @Soccerparadise

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Hey @Soccerparadise!

This is Finley from the Social Care team at Shopify.

That's a great question. Any custom domain added to your Shopify account, including your domain from GoDaddy, will be provided an SSL certificate automatically.

You can see on our Online Store Features List that this is one of the features we offer on our platform.

Unless you transfer your domain to Shopify, you'll continue to use GoDaddy to renew your domain every year, however, there won't be any need to renew the SSL certificate.

It's also good to note that the SSL certificate takes up to 48 hours to process once the domain is connected properly.

I hope that helps! Do let me know if there's anything I can clarify further.

Next steps

Have you added your custom domain to your Shopify account already? If not, the next steps will be to add Shopify’s DNS records to your domain settings.

As per our guide, your A record should point to Shopify's IP address,, and your CNAME record to point to

Shopify Compass

Once your domain is good to go, you may be interested in having a look at some of the resources we offer.

Have you taken a look at any of the free video courses, tutorials, and webinars on Shopify Compass? I highly recommend checking it out for all the handy tips on up-leveling your business.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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