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I connected my third party domain to my Shopify months ago but am just now about to launch my store. How do I know if I have an SSL from connecting my domain?

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Simply access the domain on the browser, if the browser does not complain, and you see padlock in lock position in front of your domain name, you are all good. Otherwise, let me know if I am missing something here?

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Hey, @sandandslate!

You'll know when your domain has an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificate when it doesn't present any problems and it has a Connected status in the Online Store > Domains area in your admin, such as the screenshot below from my test store.




In addition to having a Connected status, as @Bunty has advised, a domain with an SSL or TSL certificate will have a padlock icon on the left of it on the URL bar when it is accessed through a browser. You can simply access your domain, and check if it has the padlock icon like the image below.




Lastly, domains with no SSL or TLS certificates will prompt most browsers to display a "Not secure" warning when you attempt to access it. If the domain and website can be opened successfully without any warnings, and it has a padlock on the URL bar and a "Connected" status in your admin's Domains page, then your domain is secure and it has an SSL or TLS certificate.

If your domain seems insecure and it doesn't possess the details a secure domain should have, you can troubleshoot your domain and ensure the following:

  1. Confirm that it has been 48 hours since your domain was connected. It can take up to 48 hours for an SSL or TLS certificate to be issued after you connect your domain.
  2. Verify that your A record is and your CNAME record is
  3. If you use CAA records, verify that you have added all the required certification authorities.
  4. If you use an AAAA record, remove it.
  5. If you have DNSSEC enabled for your domain, disable it.

Please note that if you make changes to your domain, it will take up to 48 hours for them to reflect. Please wait after this timeframe to check if your domain is issued an SSL or TLS certificate.

If you need assistance with the troubleshooting, or your domain still doesn't have a security certificate after ensuring the above, you can contact your domain provider for further assistance.

While we're on the topic of domains, have you already set up a custom domain email? If you have a custom domain like you can send and reply to emails with an email address such as This is really beneficial as it showcases consistent branding which is key to a successful business. A custom domain email is professional and simple and it's appealing for customers to trust and engage with. If you haven't set up one yet and you're interested, you can look into signing up with Google Workspace or ZohoMail and they'll create your own email for you.

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