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How is it that, while the community has been begging for this for a decade, we still do not have stacking discounts?  Many of us want to be able to offer our customers (or prospective customers) automatic quantity discounts, while still offering free shipping for those that spend over a certain amount, and maybe still run a sale on a specific class of product for a short time around a holiday.  I'm no coding expert, but I have friends who are, albeit on other platforms, and it seems that this should be pretty simple for Shopify's engineers if they actually put some effort into it.


There are a lot of people who want this, judging by other threads looking for solutions.  We all have to compete with the likes of Amazon, Walmart, and other major online retailers, and it would be nice to not have to do it with one hand tied behind our backs.  We want actual stackable, automatic, logic based discounts, not some ghetto work-around that detracts from the customer experience and lowers conversion rates, or some app that costs extra money while giving us a fraction of the functionality that would simply come with it being built into the platform.


Is this something we can look forward to getting any time soon?  It's pretty standard on other platforms.


(edited to be more specific)


Looking at my case specifically, I make and sell, among other things, hand blown shot glasses in a variety of styles.  I want to be able to maintain a "spend $100 get free shipping" thing, while wanting customers buying my shot glasses to be able to get a discounted price on sets of 4 or 8, and still be able to run a 10% off the price of jewelry for Valentine's Day deal.


Being able to run one automatically triggered, site-wide discount, a product specific discount, and still have room for the customer to enter a code seems to me to be something that should be doable from inside the platform itself.

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I have an ever running automatic discount. I want to be able to give my new subscribers and abandoned cart folks an extra discount, which I cannot do without stacked discounts. I'm losing sales because this feature is not available!

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100% agree to this. This is a continuation from a 27(!) page long thread


Handling discount codes gone wrong right now is the number one avoidable human cost to our company.


In my eyes, the discount system is broken in 4 ways:


1. It is impossible to combine a discount with free shipping. For example, I want to give a free box including free delivery to attract new customers, or for people that won in a raffle. It currently is impossible. Please let me combine this. I am not talking about two discount codes adding to each other - I mean one discount code that does both

2. Discount codes cancel each other out. No, I don't even need stackable discounts. But I want the customer to be able to apply a new code if that code works better for him. Let's say I have an automated discount 5% running for a week - this would eliminate any discount code I've given previously to any customer. A customer would be rightfully pissed at me if I gave him a 20% discount before that but when he tries it out it doesn't work. He thinks I am trying to screw him over - what he doesn't know is that the 5% automated discount disqualified the 20% discount code.
3. A free gift needs to be added to the cart before it can be 'free'. I tried using the 'buy x get y' discount to add some free strawberries to orders if the customer adds a gift code from an Instagrammer. Turns out: those strawberries need to be added BEFORE the discount code is applied. This is a serious limitation of the discount feature - I can't believe this wasn't discovered when testing this feature before launching 
4. I cannot add discount codes to already existing orders. Some of my customers just are not that used to the Shopify checkout flow and put the discount code into the "Message for your driver" field rather than in the discount box. Right now, the only way to fix this is to duplicate the order, delete the old one. This 1. is incompatible with other apps (it doesn't get picked up by my local delivery app Zapiet), 2. this creates confusion because now two different order numbers exist for the exact same order, and 3. it's just a lot of extra work for us.

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It's time Shopify start being honest about this issue and stop dismissing their customers. It's despicable to not deal with such a widespread issue on the platform they operate. 

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Shopify's common answer to this type of issue is recommending apps from third-party developers, which will charge you a monthly fee to have that feature available on your store.

The problem is that this happens with many features which are quite basic and should be embedded on Shopify already, and if you pay all those monthly fees it adds up a lot, and most small businesses simply have higher priorities for those dollars.

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I need this feature too.

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me to.. it's saad, that it is not working

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THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDED!! I knew that you couldn't stack discount codes, but I naively thought that I would be able to use an automatic discount and also let the customer choose one of my other discount codes, only to find out they lose out on the better deal if they happen to purchase the items I have under the automatic discount. How frustrating. Please Shopify - don't make us pay extra for this very basic feature. Why do you care if we want to offer more discounts? I really don't understand. 

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Are there any workarounds for this at all? We have quite a few items that are on "sale" and when someone tried to use a discount code we have provided them, they are unable to. Thanks! 

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What you can do is give a discount directly in the product - this doesn’t
interfere with shopify’s discount system. Remember that this gives the
discount for everyone