Staff Activity Logs - What are you using?

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FIrst let me just say that Shopify is the first platform I've encountered where I can't check my employee activity logs further back then a few hours. Trying to manage a business with multiple employees in and out of Shopify all day long and not being able to see who is doing what is a bit ridiculous. 

I have been using Logify, however we've got 20 plus employees on Shopify some on POS others on the back end. This morning a bunch of our shipping profiles disappeared - no 2 day, no over nights.. poof right off the website. 

Only a handful of employees have access to this area and according to Logify no one touched it - except my assistant who went in to add them back. They disappeared at some point in the last 24 hours and despite being on the paid Logify plan there is no record of it. 

I have another manager who needs admin but is not supposed to edit or be in any of the products, on Logify I can see she's been in the products, but can't see what she did while she was in there. 

I strongly dislike the fact that I have to DL an extension for Chrome in order for Logify to work and make them use chrome in order for the logs to be tracked. I can't babysit 20 people and do my job. 

Had a chat with Shopify, they showed me the admin logs which are super limited and don't go back very far. 
So tell me what you are using and are happy with? 

Also - FWIW if Shopify here's from more of us about this, they will make it a priority. 😄
Eagerly awaiting your answers! 

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You should have gotten a follow-up email from your chat session.
Usually they say to let them know if there is anything else they can do for you.
If so... try asking them to please submit to the development team that they provide an 'export all' link on the activity log.  It will keep us shop owners from paging forward again and again only to find out it stops at 250 entries.  

I'm not even sure how far back they keep activity records.  


I've been told many times on this platform that just posting here won't get it on a change list for the development team.  It should be submitted to them.  Unfortunately....I don't know of a link to actually DO that.  


Maybe if you respond to that support chat, you could ask the support person for a link that will let you put in a change request to the tech team.
If us shop owners can get a direct link ... I'll definitely join the group and submit a request. But I've found that just posting on Shopify Community does not do much good.  It may have in the past, but not of late. 


I would imagine they recommended one or two apps that could help you. 

We are a small business with only 4 employees and still have the need to see 'how' some inventory gets 'out of whack'.  It is very difficult and usually we cannot determine how things happened and have to just move on.  Seems Shopify thinks that is the way businesses are run.  Not ours. 


I hope you can still respond to that follow-up email and maybe get a response.  If it's been a while, you'll get a response saying the tickets been closed and to go to chat again.  


Good Luck.  



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I also hate that I can't see who does what in the Activity log.  It only shows updates to blog posts, but someone changed the layout of the product detail page and I can't find out who did it.  Super frustrating.  SHOPIFY WE NEED DETAILED LOGS!

I've been in IT for 20+ years and this is the first time I do not have access to detailed logs.