Stick to Shopify only or Shopify + TikTok Shop?

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Our business has a Shopify store in operation. However, since we're already actively creating content on TikTok and our brand mainly targets young adults (18-30 years old), it might make sense to expand to TikTok.


The thing that we're concerned about is whether it is actually beneficial to do so. Would our Shopify store and TikTok store be sharing/eating each other's traffic? Or is it a 1+1>2 situation.


It'd be nice to hear what y'all think.

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Greetings @UnlockHomes!
Absolutely, broadening your brand's presence to TikTok is a strategic decision, especially when targeting young adults. Here's why:

Reaching the Right Audience

TikTok boasts an extensive user base, including a significant proportion of individuals aged 18-30. Through captivating content creation, you can directly engage with your desired demographic, ensuring your brand message resonates with those most likely to be interested.

Shoppable Content

Seamless integration with Shopify allows TikTok to become a platform for shoppable content. Viewers can witness your products in action and seamlessly make purchases from your Shopify store, streamlining the buying process.

No Traffic Cannibalization

Concerns about traffic cannibalization are unwarranted. Any traffic redirected between your Shopify store and TikTok can be advantageous. Enhanced brand awareness on TikTok can drive more interested visitors to your Shopify store.

Enhanced Synergy

Consider your Shopify store and TikTok presence as synergistic. Utilize TikTok to generate excitement and interest in your products, then guide viewers to your store for purchases. This synergy can amplify the effectiveness of both platforms.

For comprehensive insights on leveraging TikTok for your business, consult Shopify's guide:

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Hi @UnlockHomes !


It would be better if you have Shopify store and at the same time, Tiktok shop. It will expand your marketing and as well as, increase your sales. It will not share or eat your store traffic because, it is a totally two different platforms. Unless, you will also share the link of your Shopify website to your Tiktok account which can potentially, increase your Shopify store traffic.

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