Stock availability notification

Stock availability notification

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hee, i had a quistion for a shopify coding expert, how do i add a Stock availability notification above my add to cart section, i want it to show that i only have 7 units left but in reality i have 200 left, and that the red dot before the text is flashing slowely.


This is the exact text i want "•Note: (<- in red and the dot flasing) only 7 units left in stock"

tnx for your help



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Hi @Maxim 

The default Shopify theme has an option named is Inventory status, please add it above your Buy buttons block and set Low inventory threshold value is 7 Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 09.44.36.png


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Hope this will help 


At Product Template (find the section where the "Add to Cart" button is located) and add the code


<!-- Add this where you want the notification to appear -->
<div class="stock-notification">
  <span class="notification-dot"></span>
  <span class="notification-text">• Note: <span style="color: red; animation: blink 1s infinite;">•</span> Only 7 units left in stock</span>


Use css for style and use javascript for more dynamic behavior

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