Stop discount code auto adding to cart items

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I've setup a time limited discount code for all items. When testing it applies the discount code automatically without entering the code. When viewing items in the cart the discount code is already applied.


How do I stop this? I'd like the discount code to only be applied if the user has entered it in the appropriate section. 


Thanks in advance

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Hi Tairi,


If I understand correctly, you are looking to set up a manual discount code. When using a manual discount code, the customer needs the correct code and the customer will apply it at checkout.


If you navigate to your discount section (discounts > create a discount > select discount type), you can select either "discount code" or "automatic discount". Select "discount code" for it to be a manually applied discount. More information can be found on Shopify's Discount Types.


Hopefully, that helps or is at least a starting point! Cheers!