Stop Updating things for investors and start optimizing for Stores. (Photo Uploads)

Stop Updating things for investors and start optimizing for Stores. (Photo Uploads)

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I am beyond sick with shopify's "optimization" that they roll out and complete lack of customer service. Now they roll out this non optional media upload "tool" that makes us upload our local files into some sort of cloud folder thats retained on shopify with no helpful user interface, that you can only upload 250 photos at a time and then it takes FOREVER. 


Why do we have to upload it to you first, instead of it just pulling from the local files on my computer. Is this some sort of way to store things on the cloud to train stuff or pull for AI secretly? 


Either way, this is the most unoptimized way you could have crossed wires and i am SICK of it. You are costing me hours of upload times and its already taking forever. This isnt an issue on our end, Ive spoken with multiple makers dealing with the same issue, and I sometimes have to upload over 500 individual images, and its barely working. At this rate, I am considering dropping platforms entirely if it means my nights arent spent sitting here for hours waiting for your gimmicks to work. 


Anyone find a work around for this yet or an app? Stop playing games with the UI. This site gets more broken every day.

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Hi XenoCat,

I completely understand your frustration with Shopify's new media upload tool. It's incredibly frustrating when platform updates seem to prioritize investor interests over the practical needs of store owners. Spending hours uploading photos due to an inefficient system is not sustainable, especially for busy business owners.

Here are a few suggestions and potential workarounds that might help:

  1. Use Third-Party Apps:

    • Consider using third-party apps that might offer more efficient media management solutions. Apps like "Bulk Image Upload & SEO" or "Image Manager" might streamline the process and save you time.
  2. FTP Solutions:

    • Look into FTP solutions that might allow bulk uploading of images. Some apps and integrations can connect your Shopify store to an FTP server, allowing more seamless and quicker uploads.
  3. Automated Tools:

    • Explore automated tools that can help manage and upload your images more efficiently. Tools that integrate with cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox can sometimes offer a more streamlined upload process.
  4. Customer Feedback:

    • Continue to voice your concerns directly to Shopify support and through their feedback channels. The more they hear from users like you, the more likely they are to consider necessary changes.
  5. Community Forums:

    • Engage with the Shopify community forums to see if other store owners have found effective workarounds or solutions. Sometimes, the community can offer innovative solutions that aren't immediately obvious.

Your time is valuable, and it’s crucial for Shopify to recognize and address these inefficiencies. Hopefully, they will take these concerns seriously and work on optimizing their tools for store owners.