Stopping Spam bots from signing up for accounts or email

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I just opened my Shopify store and I am receiving so many spam email and customer sign ups.  I understand this is an ongoing problem with Shopify, but is there a current solution to this??  Having to delete these accounts on a daily basis is frustrating.  I have Captcha on both the newsletter signups and the create a new account page.  How do you fix this???


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Hi we are being plagued by spam accounts, numerous emails to support answer is that A) they cant be bothered to fix this issue dating back years, and B) they cant be bothered to fix dating back years, thats it basically.

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Unfortunately that's so true, it's a shame on Shopify! They know the prevalence of the problem but they don't see it as a profitable task to solve it. I could have easily solve the issue if this is my own web server but not on Shopify because I do not have access to the backend of the server.

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It is very annoying

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You could use Shop Protector app for this. 

There are 2 products, broken up by plan type, for SP (Shop Protector). SP Basic focuses on form spam and fake account creation. 

SP+ has this functionality too but adds the ability to configure rules to protect against bot-based checkouts, customize risk analysis settings, how to handle auto-cancellation, bulk cancellations, and much more coming soon! 

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Using yet another app is not the solution 

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I am manually transferring the automatic email sign ups on Shopify to a secondary mailchimp account. Why?  Because


1) Shopify email will not allow my original email list to supersede "sign ups" on my Shopify site (so customers who I've been sending email to for years would have to opt-in again - and most don't want to bother)... but

2) to the point of this discussion - by downloading to either an excel sheet (new mail sign ups) or to a "dummy" mailchimp audience - I can see all of the bot emails. 


I get these 


customers in batches.  I can manually delete them before I send out an email campaign.  More labor on my end to keep a clean email list, but you'd be surprised how many non-responsive emails you're wasting money on with campaign subscriptions that automatically load email addresses. 


Take a look at your list and purge the Bots!